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Tim Schuster
Tim Schuster
Founder, Popup Think Tank

About the instructor

Tim Schuster believes every founder deserves the opportunity to build a community around their project. As a Strategic Development Consultant at Thrivent Financial, a not-for-profit company with a mission to help people be wise and generous, he works on teams that test and launch new products, businesses, and partnerships. He lives in North Minneapolis with his partner, Kelsey and their daughter, Joslyn. 

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Facilitate experiences that add value

Lead energetic, collaborative, and relational experiences for partner organizations and mission-driven leaders so you can connect communities, expand your network, make a difference, and collaborate with influences in your community. 

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Everything you need to facilitate and lead, including tools, frameworks, and brand assets.

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Make connections, build partnerships, and cultivate a generous visibility - so you can expand your reach by making a difference.

Less promoting, more leading

Leverage our marketing platform and capabilities to ensure you are facilitating events that are filled with people who want to learn and contribute

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